MTB World Cup #1, South Africa – Good and Bad, I’ll take it.
Emily Batty April 18, 2014

Knocked the 1st Mountain Bike World Cup out of the way and title sums it all up. There was some good and also some bad (not really bad) just lacking? Anyways, loved the course and with everything becoming more “Red Bull-ized!!” the course’s seem to be getting faster, more technically demanding and also more spectator friendly which is important. We work hard for 50 weeks of the year…. its great that we as athletes can showcase that hard work and effort to the world each time we step onto the stage.  Thanks Red Bull and everyone else that contributes to the show.

The race went as good as it could have… after skipping 2 World Cups last year due to illness and simply lack of racing…. I was penalized by my start position on what is such a fast course in South Africa.  To make it worse, it seemed like the whole left side went backwards and the right side / wave of ladies went forwards. After a poor start, I hit the gas, quickly went from 30’s and up top 10 in the first 2 laps only to hit a bit of a plateau… It takes some serious horsepower to move through the field of a World Cup and especially on a high speed course.  Relatively happy with 9th although you always want more from yourself and also kept it upright the whole race which is always positive 🙂 (keeping in mind the gap jumps, rock gardens, drop, etc.)

Onward to Australia! Oh, and BTW… give me a shout out on Twitter while racing at the World Cups and we will try and embed your tweets into the post race report of each World Cup, see below for example.

Thanks Everyone!