2014 #CanMTBchamps Race Report
Emily Batty July 23, 2014

Sometimes the result isn’t a direct reflection of the performance and today was one of those days…. (I felt pretty dam good) I really do cherish every time I get the opportunity to race in front of a hometown crowd and Hardwood Ski and Bike offered just that.

Basically local trails to me, I love this terrain and the trails that played host to #canMTBchamps 2014…. fun, twisty, flowy single-track and the technical features littered the course. Right from the start, Catherine and I quickly separated ourselves from the competition.  We traded a few passes against each other, tried a few tactics and finally after 4 of 5 laps the elastic band broke and I was left fighting for seconds and a second place finish.  I’m sad with second place because I absolutely love representing Canada as the National Champion but in the same breath…. It had to be some of the fastest racing all year and I’m really happy with how my form is right now……. next up, Commonwealth Games in Scotland!  Wish me luck!

Thank you soooooo much everyone for the support!

Link to race report and amazing photo report on ridingfeelsgood.com Only the best from Marc Landry

Marc Landry from FastTimesInc.com

Results for Top 5:

1 Catharine Pendrel (BC) Luna Pro Team 1:34:28
2 Emily Batty (ON) Trek Factory Racing at 0:45
3 Sandra Walter (BC) Liv/giant Canada 6:18
4 Mikaela Kofman (ON) Scott-3Rox Racing 9:14
5 Amanda Sin (ON) Scott-3Rox Racing 11:05


An amazing photo from Jeremy Allen Photography, I was focused on one thing.
An amazing photo from Jeremy Allen Photography, I was focused on one thing.
Post race, "getting my hair did."
Post race, “getting my hair did.”
Sneaking up on MattO
Sneaking up on MattO
Pfaff Porsche on site and on display... my baby :)
Pfaff Porsche on site and on display… my baby 🙂