Pan Am Games – Gold!!!!!!!!!!
Emily Batty July 13, 2015

I still can’t believe it, Winning the Gold Medal at the Pan Am games in Toronto, in front of the home crowd, and on my home course is an incredible feeling.

Just when you think things can’t get any worse, they then get better. In all honesty, this last few weeks have been crazy with the amount of travel, media, racing, and particularly… getting sick. I ended up getting sick just before the US Cup in Colorado, which, I knew was bad timing considering the next block of racing was coming up. I went to Colorado to defend the US Cup leaders jersey and after having complications breathing on the first lap, I could only muster a DNF. For anyone that knows me, I haven’t DNF’ed a race since I was like Junior? (I think?) Quitting is never an option. After Colorado, I was so depressed and down. All I could think about was…. If I’m behind now, I’m screwed for the next few weeks. I was so worried about how the next few weeks would go.

But somehow, someway, Adam and I pulled things around and swung everything in the opposite direction. A direction I wanted to go so badly. It started with a 7th at the Lenzerheide World Cup in Switzerland. Not a podium although, pretty close and I surprised myself even with a couple mechanicals on the last two laps. I was finding my legs and confidence all again.

I then travelled onwards to Toronto with the hopes for at least a medal, but I knew Catherine would be very hard to beat considering her podium in Lenzerheide.

The 2015 PAN AM GAMES in Toronto was a special event for me. It’s an official “games” event, it’s right in my backyard and basically on my home course. Catherine and I battled start to finish like our life was on the line. We attacked each other lap after lap for five laps straight. Finally, over the top of the final climb (literally before it starts going downhill to the finish) I put in my final attack and got a gap on her. I gave it my everything right to the line.

What an amazing feeling, winning gold in front of my home crowd. Words can’t describe. I’m so thankful for everyone’s support. Trek Bikes, Red Bull, Pfaff Porsche, CGC Inc. Lululemon, Oakley and everyone else that makes this dream work.