Happy 150th Birthday Canada
Emily Batty June 30, 2017

I wanted to take the time to share a few things I love about Canada on its 150th birthday.  Being a two-time Canadian Olympian, I thought it was appropriate to share my perspective and what Canada means to me.

Canada to me is a nation of equality where people are respectful, caring and appreciative of the planet we call home and the resources that mother nature has provided. We are unified as people not by color or religion, but by common values and belief of independence, patriotism, respect for others and all living things that live on this earth.

.We work hard aiming to fulfill our personal expectations of ourselves while looking out for others needs. Canadians support Canadians and the rest of the world and we have a compassion that has no limitations. We are a nation that strives for excellence and I’m so very proud to be Canadian.

We are a country of First Nations and let us never forget our Veterans.

Happy 150th Birthday Canada!!