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Ambitions – Emily Batty – Teaser – S1 (video series)

So excited to share my journey with you guys. The video camera will be following me for most of my 2015 / 2016 mountain bike training and race season as I work towards Rio. I’m hoping to get some redemption from London after I broke my collarbone three days before the race.

Pan Am Games – Gold!!!!!!!!!!

I still can’t believe it, Winning the Gold Medal at the Pan Am games in Toronto, in front of the home crowd, and on my home course is an incredible feeling.

Just when you think things can’t get any worse, they then get better. In all honesty, this last few weeks have been crazy with the amount of travel, media, racing, and particularly… getting sick. I ended up getting sick just before the US Cup in Colorado, which, I knew was bad timing considering the next block of racing was coming up. I went to Colorado to defend the US Cup leaders jersey and after having complications breathing on the first lap, I could only muster a DNF. For anyone that knows me, I haven’t DNF’ed a race since I was like Junior? (I think?) Quitting is never an option. After Colorado, I was so depressed and down. All I could think about was…. If I’m behind now, I’m screwed for the next few weeks. I was so worried about how the next few weeks would go.

But somehow, someway, Adam and I pulled things around and swung everything in the opposite direction. A direction I wanted to go so badly. It started with a 7th at the Lenzerheide World Cup in Switzerland. Not a podium although, pretty close and I surprised myself even with a couple mechanicals on the last two laps. I was finding my legs and confidence all again.

I then travelled onwards to Toronto with the hopes for at least a medal, but I knew Catherine would be very hard to beat considering her podium in Lenzerheide.

The 2015 PAN AM GAMES in Toronto was a special event for me. It’s an official “games” event, it’s right in my backyard and basically on my home course. Catherine and I battled start to finish like our life was on the line. We attacked each other lap after lap for five laps straight. Finally, over the top of the final climb (literally before it starts going downhill to the finish) I put in my final attack and got a gap on her. I gave it my everything right to the line.

What an amazing feeling, winning gold in front of my home crowd. Words can’t describe. I’m so thankful for everyone’s support. Trek Bikes, Red Bull, Pfaff Porsche, CGC Inc. Lululemon, Oakley and everyone else that makes this dream work.



















With No End In Sight….

Check out the Red Bull series “MX Nation”. A series documenting the in’s and outs of motocross racing following select athletes like Ryan Dungey and Ken Roczen. I sometimes think that the athletic career in which we pursue 350+ days of the year is somewhat misunderstood, and this series shows the highs and lows as well as the in’s and outs. Sport is not all glory. There is so much sacrifice. So much travel, training, time NOT spent at home, food restrictions, no outings, etc. etc. the list goes. on. You never get out of the hamster wheel.

I can relate to Ken Roczen and look up to his motivation in pursuit of his dreams. Click the picture to open the video.


Summer, in Brief.

The summer is for a few of my fav. activities. Training, which is a given of course. Swimming, because I love everything that goes with it like the sun, nice weather, relaxing etc. AND… Moto! Well, moto is more of a fall activity for me and if I get to ride it once or twice then I’m happy about that. A few pics! Happy Summer!







Up Close and Personal – Porsche Cayman

Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Pfaff Auto who is long standing supporter in both cycling and many other sports. As their auto brands and reach continue to grow across Canada, they are quickly becoming the largest automotive dealer group in all of Canada. I’m so thankful to continue working with them as they support me in all of my racing endeavors and especially Rio 2016.

In 2015 I will continue to operate under the Pfaff | Porsche umbrella. This year they put in the Cayman with PDK. The suspension is lowered 1 inch and the wheels are upgraded to 19inch with some sticky tires 🙂

Now I’m needing to get out to the track at Mosport for some hot laps 🙂


Dreams coming true, becoming a Red Bull Athlete, helmets are being painted :)

Dreams coming true, becoming a Red Bull Athlete, helmets are being painted 🙂

Checking out "sport mode"

Checking out “sport mode”

The dealership is absolutely huge.

The dealership is absolutely huge.



Letting my hair down this week, then back to business.

Letting my hair down this week, then back to business.


La Milagrosa Trail

Another Year, Another Big Season of Racing!

Stay tuned for the latest updates as I kick off the 2015 season.  So excited!  A Big Year!


Inside The Pro’s Bike with Mountain Bike Action Magazine

Pick up a Mountain Bike Action magazine to get the full 3 page story on my bike and me. 🙂


Off-Season Update

When you think of off-season you generally think of relaxing, lounging and vacationing.  The past few weeks have been very little of those things and I’ve actually made a pretty big effort to get caught up on everything that I wanted to do that I couldn’t do during the race season.  To be a full time Mountain Bike athlete means being extremely good at one thing and that’s riding your bike.  I absolutely love mountain biking and you couldn’t do this sport if you weren’t motivated for success & improvements although it does come with it’s sacrifices.  I once heard a quote: ” To excel in one specific sport or thing, often means blunting energy or  making sacrifices elsewhere in your life”.   That’s pretty much how us athletes live for 11 months of the year.  At this level you have to dedicate 100% of your time and lifestyle solely to your performance and your sport.  The “off-season” for me…. is the perfect time to get caught up on all the fun activities I miss out on throughout the year.  In a nutshell the last few weeks have been all about riding the moto, eating good food lol… sometimes indulging in good food, getting on the fastest auto track in North America with Pfaff Porsche, racing bikes (of course!) house stuff like painting and decorating, shopping and catching up with family and friends.

So, here is to the off-season as we get closer to 2015!

Thanks Apex Race Photography for the photos from the Epic 8 hour.

The conditions were perfect, you could really carve the corners and let the tires do their job.

Epic 8 Hour, Trek Toronto tent set up had us looked after for the day.

I don't get this guy... lack of training, still leads it out and pulls fastest laps for the day.

Picking up the 911 from Pfaff Porsche HQ.

Picking up the 911 from Pfaff Porsche HQ.


20 mins on and 20 mins off.  I'm use to this!

20 mins on and 20 mins off. I’m use to this!

Pfaff Porsche organized an amazing day at the track.  Mosport is actually the fastest track in North America.

Pfaff Porsche organized an amazing day at the track. Mosport is actually the fastest track in North America.

Getting the talk and instructions.

Getting the talk and instructions.

Passing on your right :)

Passing on your right 🙂

Such an amazing day at the track!

Such an amazing day at the track!

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