If the people around you don’t understand your vision, then they’re probably the wrong people. My last few years of performances have certainly been bumpy, but off the bike, I’ve stayed true to the course and have remained focused on building my career in sport and, eventually, in business.

I’m excited to announce my continued connection with Porsche Canada. You can read the full press release on their website here. Most people know I’ve been a long-time Porsche enthusiast and a lover of everything they have done in the automotive space and beyond. From Porsche track days to purchasing my own Macan, I couldn’t think of a better brand alignment where our interests and passions collide.

Emily Batty Cayenne “Being part of the Porsche family and owning my own Porsche is a dream come true,” says Emily. “From a young age, I have always demonstrated the importance of pursuing my athletic and entrepreneurial dreams. Between Porsche’s racing heritage and advanced engineering in their iconic sports cars and encouraging the next generation of female entrepreneurs, joining the Porsche family means the world to me.”

 It’s partnerships like these that have provided me the opportunity as a woman to chase my dreams of winning medals, doing good things in cycling, and most importantly, look further down the road at what my career looks like post racing. From building our race team, a merger, and acquisition deal, creating a B2C product, expanding our lineup of experiential events in the cycling space, and a full re-launch of the Emily Batty Project in 2022, nothing is off the table as I look to the horizon. And although the Tokyo Olympics weren’t in the cards this time around, sitting the games out has completely changed my perspective on sport and the Olympics, and it’s left me more hungry than ever to see what I can do in Paris 2024. 

Emily Batty Porsche CaymanSo cheers to the years ahead and all the women in business out there. Don’t ever let anyone quash your dreams. It’s your own beliefs and the people and partnerships around us that give us the courage to try and succeed. 


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